Friday, April 11, 2008

A little about us.....

Mostly my entries are about my girls (probably more about Harli since Kenidi doesn't have much action in her life yet), but today is a little about Tiger and I. Please say a prayer for Tiger. We have been joking lightly about his test results that he got from his new patient routine physical that he got a little over a week ago, but really it's kind of scary. His cholesterol is too high and therefore they scheduled him for a treadmill test this last Wednesday. Well, he didn't pass and now has to go back again for a more intense treadmill test this coming Wednesday. His genetic history is not good either. Both of his grandfather's had heart disease and open heart surgery before they died and his father has had open heart surgery now twice! His 1st surgery was when he was in his 40's and Tiger's not too far from that now. Anyway, we don't technically have any bad news yet, but there is cause for concern and that really scares me!!!! The good news is that now I think he will FINALLY start making some healthier choices when it comes to eating. He is about the worlds worst!!!!! And by him doing that, I'm hoping it will in turn get me back on track to shed some more weight myself. I guess I should update you all and let you know that I AM 20 1/2 pounds lighter then I was Jan 1st (Yeah Me!), but I still have a ways to go and I've sort of gotten off track the last couple of weeks. I haven't really gained any, but I haven't lost anymore either and I have plenty more to go! Anyway, enough about me!

HOW 'BOUT THEM HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a 3rd generation Jayhawk fan and have been pretty much my whole life!!!!!