Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Harli lost her 1st tooth!

FINALLY!!!! She (and I) didn't think it was EVER going to happen. She is one of the last of her friends to lose a tooth. She lost the 1st tooth (smack in the middle on top) on Monday the 11th and the 2nd tooth (right next to the 1st) came out 2 days later at school during her Valentine's day party. (The dentist says normally they loose the bottom teeth 1st, but I guess not this time!) When it finally came out, there was already a tooth coming through underneath. She was SO excited, and let me tell you.....the tooth fairy got a raise! I can't believe what the tooth fairy leaves now! I guess there is a book (which Harli was informed about) that says the tooth fairy gives more money not only for the 1st tooth, but also for the front teeth. So the tooth fairy payed off big time. She got a $5 bill, a gold $1 coin and a $.50 piece for the 1st tooth and another $5 bill for the 2nd tooth! Can you believe that? And....she has another tooth loose on the bottom, in the front. Who knows what the tooth fairy will leave for that. I'm going to start pulling my teeth and leaving them under her pillow!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS Harli girl! That is AWESOME! I have to say you were very patient and earned that money. However, please let it be known that your Tooth Fairy was VERY generous ;o) She is a doll, Kelci! Hugs-Julie