Saturday, February 2, 2008

I'm back.....check it out! it's been forever since I've posted, but I haven't had any good pictures until now. We (Harli,me,Chase,Jill & Scott) all went to the Reba & Kelly concert on Thursday and it was incredible. Harli has been a Kelly Clarkson fan ever since she won the very 1st American Idol and I've been a LONG time Reba fan. Needless to say this was Harli & Chase's 1st concert and it was a good one. I wish I could have seen her face (we had seats in 2 different sections) when they came out on stage. I know she was in such AWE that she was actually seeing them IN PERSON! She couldn't believe it! She knows the words to almost every Kelly Clarkson song. We got to sit in the 2nd row almost smack in the middle (thanks to Jill & Scott!). We were so close and it was amazing! I've never even been that close. Chase got a ticket to the concert for his 4th birthday on the 23rd (Happy Birthday Chase!) through the fan club with Kelly Clarkson and that's how we ended up sitting in the 2nd row (Thanks for sharing!). On top of all that....the next day (Friday) I got tickets for Harli and one of her friends (& Grammy) to the Hannah Montana concert at the Warren Theatre. After the projector broke and we sit there for over an hour waiting.....we finally got to see it. It was in 3D and it was pretty cool. Harli got 2 Hannah Montanna shirts and has been proudly wearing them since. Needless to say she's pretty exhausted (& me too!), but it was all worth it. What an incredible couple of days. I hope you enjoy the memories as much as we will! By for now. Can't tell you when I'll be back.....but I promise I will!

Payton, Harli & Grammy @ Hannah Montana!

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have great week-end

Danica said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I got tickets for Hailey and her girl scout troop to go to Hannah Montana on Monday. She doesn't know yet, so she's gonna freak out when we go! Glad to see you're back!!

Brandi said...

What great pics! Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun!!! I added your blog link to my friends on my blog.