Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Both My Babies Are In School Now!

My oldest, Harli said she LOVED her 1st day of school, which was yesterday. She's was a little leery about getting the "new" teacher because he's male, but I think she's glad now! There are only 2 male teachers in her school and she had this preconceived notion that a male teacher was going to be mean. I told her that my 4th grade teacher was a male and that he was one of my all time favorite teachers. He made everything about learning fun. I think she agrees! She says he's really funny. Today was a different story! She came out of school today and told me that she's ready for summer again. She figured out that 3rd grade is going to be a little harder than she anticipated :)!

Today was Kenidi's 1st day of preschool(my 3yr old). She did great! Both my girls are so independent. She was not the least bit concerned that I was leaving and that she was staying. I thought all was going great and that I was doing incredibly well holding back the tears. I left the classroom and headed down the hall and was ALMOST out the door when I ran into several Kindergarten moms that were crying. I LOST IT! The tears just started uncontrollably! I was leaving my BABY there!!!! Needless to say one of my best friends in the whole world rescued me! She asked if I wanted to meet her for Starbucks and of course I said ABSOLUTELY!!! What an awesome friend I have. So I went to pick her up from school a few hours later and she was not ready to leave! She informed me that she was going to stay for a little longer. When we got outside, she informed me that she was not going with me, that she was going to ride the bus. I just giggled at her. She wasn't worried about mommy at all! I finally had to pick her up and carry her to the car. I think she's gonna like school! I don't know I guess we'll see after her 2nd day :)! HA!

I just HAVE to tell you a story about last night!!!!!! When I went to tuck her in to bed we had a very LONG talk. It was a good talk. I was worried about some of her friends and some of the influences that they have on her (like I was telling you about in my last post). I asked her about her 1st day and we talked about that and then she proceeded to confirm some of my fears by telling me what one of her friends was doing at recess. This "friend" was in charge of everyone (so she thought) and told others weather or not they could join in when they were playing. Harli said she didn't like that and it made her sad (even though she was one that was included). I told her that maybe she should tell this "friend" that if she can't include everyone, then she (Harli) doesn't want to play either, or ask her why they can't play something that would include everyone! I went on to tell her that in the bible God talks about how we should treat others. That we need to love EVERYONE and one of the hardest things to do is to love those that don't deserve to be loved. She agreed and the conversation got even deeper. I explained to her that what we are doing here on earth is preparation for going to heaven. I told her that my walk with the Lord had changed a lot since we had Bayli and I asked her if she could tell and she said yes. She asked me a lot of questions including how did she know for sure that she would go to heaven. I explained what I knew and she cried. She asked if she could pray with me and ask Jesus to live in her heart. We both cried! It was so amazing! I'm so happy to know that we are all going to be in heaven together!!!!!! :) I had been thinking about how to bring all this up with her and had NO plan as to what I would say or when, but it just all worked out! God is GOOD!!!!


croleyc69 said...

Great post & God is good. It's neat how things sometimes just fall into place & work themselves out. The past few wks I have had some greaYt talks with my oldest who is 9. Your girls are cute & I just had one this start Kindergarden & it was tough. She loves it & already tells me how much she doesn't need me to walk her all the way to the gate anymore. Only been in school a month. Thanx for sharing. :)