Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma!!!!!

This is my Grandma, my momma, ME and my little sister! Isn't this a great snapshot? I love this picture!!!! (Thanks Shawna!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course my momma holds a special place in my heart. She's ALWAYS been there for me no matter what. I can't always say I've been the "best" daughter (I try :)), but there's always room for improvement.

With that said, I actually have had my mom on my mind a LOT lately. Today, I went to a funeral for the mother of a very dear friend of mine. I'm very sad for her that she doesn't have her mother, but rejoicing that she is finally cancer free and rejoicing with our Savior! When I had the opportunity to talk to my friend about a week before her mom passed, I asked if there was anything that I could do for her. She was very appreciative, but said she really didn't think so. She shared with me that right now (before she passed), that all she was doing was waiting. She said the end is inevitable, we are just hoping that it's peaceful. She told me, "I can play this waiting game. This isn't the hard part. The hard part will be when my mom is gone and I can't pick up the phone to say, "Hey mom, can you watch the boys for me?" Or, "Hey mom, do you have the recipe for such and such?" That's going to be the hard part for me when I can't just pick up the phone when I NEED my MOM!" I just cried! I had never thought about it that way. I still NEED my MOM too and she's still here! How lucky I am to not only have my mom, but I still have my grandma too! I'm taking this time to say how much I LOVE my momma and my grandma too! I can't imagine my life without them, because I DO still need them both! I think that I have taken this time that I have with them for granted. I've been so wrapped up in my life with MY family, that I don't always take the time that I need to express my heartfelt love and appreciation for my mom and my grandma. I am going to make that a priority because our days are numbered and I don't want to miss one moment and I certainly don't want to wait until it's too late to tell them how much I LOVE THEM!

Love to you MOM and all those momma's out there!!!!!!


croleyc69 said...

What a Awesome post & I know that is so true. I lost my Daddy 23 yrs ago today Aug 28. It still hurts & so tough. I played the waiting game for 3 yrs, it's tough. We may never know what tomorrow brings for any of us but trust in the Lord.

Kristen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- it is so nice to meet you!

What a great post, too! I feel the love!